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For the first time in months, I've actually remembered a dream. It's moderately odd, but doesn't involve hurricanes...

Can't remember how it starts, I but I'm explaining to some people that I can find anyone, cos I'm a god. Except I'm obviously not a very good one cos it takes ages - almost like I have to look it up in a database or something rather than just knowing it. Anyway, I'm looking for this girl - she's really annoyed me for some reason. I eventually locate her in New York, so I just go there. By the time I get there, she's already gone.

I go and stay at this house. I don't think I know the occupants - they seem like friends - but they treat me like I'm staying in a hotel. Whenever I try and make a phonecall it goes through some kind of switchboard run by the owner of the house. She's crap at it and doesn't seem to get me put through. I try and get a taxi and she's crap at that as well.

Somehow I manage to get back to downtown, but I'm not alone. The girl I was looking for is with me but I'm not annoyed at her - she's helping me find someone else who really has annoyed me. I explain to her that when find this person there is going to be a lot of violence and butt kicking.

At this point my memory gets a bit hazy.

It's the same dream, but now I'm underground in what looks like a really old sewer system. Someone has fallen down into it and broken their legs. I help them out and discover the guy I'm looking for.

There's a huge fight and the guy falls down a hole into the sewers. I follow (I can fly it seems) and find him waaaaaaaaay down. He's quite dead and a squishy mess. For some reason I have to measure how far he's fallen down and start lecturing him. Except by now he's just a skeleton.


Indeed. I think at some stage I did know why he'd pissed me off, but by the time I got into work I'd completely forgotten. Oh well. Hopefully the next dream I'll remember more of.