maddy (themadone) wrote,

Hulk smash!!!

Grrr. Very very annoyed. darklittlefox has noticed that the washing machine still electrocutes him when he touches the drum and the sink at the same time. So we called a number in the yellow pages and they said an electrician would call 'round first thing. First thing came and went, so I phoned them up and they said they'd get an electrician to call me back. Eventually one did only to tell me the earliest they could come out was Thursday. Stupid donkey cock sucking arse buggerers.

Tried calling someone else who claimed to have an hour emergency call out, but they won't be able to come out at 2. So that's most of the morning wasted and I was really late to work. Gonna see if I can phone around a few more places to see if I can get someone to come out today.

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