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So...long time since I last posted. What wild and zany things have I been up to? None. Well nothing especially wild or zany, seems to be a fairly normal week.

Most of the past week has been spent tidying the lounge and re-arranging furniture. I now have a tidy lounge and a better seating layout. NYE was spent with a goodly portion of the tribe drinking random cocktails. Unlike previous years, I didn't get absolutely blotted though. Got sent some "dodgy" pictures on my mobile from barty whose lesbian orgy seemed to be in full swing at the time. I've almost completed The Hulk (the PS2 game). I've eaten a lot of chocolate.


And of course lucifermourning is briefly back, so time has been spent resisting the temptation to poke her to see if she still makes silly noises :)


I heard pictures were being sent... email me details please! emilydongray@gmail.com

OK. Details sent. Could put the pictures up too if there was a demand for them...