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Wooohoooo!!!!! We just won University Challenge or rather emilydongray did with her unscientifically minded team. And OK...just the first round, but that's like miles better than RHUL has done for like a million years.

And even better, it was against a bunch of chinless wonders (and a monk) from Oxford too!


I thought the monk was cute too :)
He intrigued me :)

I'd have thought their college/halls/whatever it was would have intrigued you more?

I rather fancied the long haired boy on the Oxford team. One of the ones who wasn't a monk.
They would have had no chance against Cambridge. ;o)

Maybe we'll find out in the next round ;)

Did anyone else notice that RHUL had someone who looked like Samwise Gamgee on the team and Oxford had someone who looked like Frodo Baggins?

Oh yeah. Now that you say that, I can see what you mean :)