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Yesterday was a nightmare. On Tuesday evening, it was really hot in England (or at least where I was) and my poor ickle laptop spluttered and died from heat exhaustion. Next morning, I figured it'd have cooled down and would be happy again...boy was I wrong.

After an hour or so of it crashing every few minutes on me, I gave up and tried to use one of my other computers. No such luck. The Sun box didn't have a working keyboard and my PC's ethernet card had died - probably because I've not turned the beast on in nearly 4 years.

So much for me working from home. Still, at least the dental checkup went fine and I had a fun lunchtime with Adrian & Charlotte.

The afternoon I spent staring at the PC's screen trying to think of something useful I could do with it to occupy my mind. I gave up eventually and went to the pub.