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Urgggh....I'm soooo full of food...

The Railway is under new management (again) and a guy at work had some how ended up with vouchers for free lunches there. So we decided to give 'em a try. The don't have a wide range of food, but what they do serve is very tasty and they serve really HUGE portions.

And they've got rid of the hideous decor and the person who served us was incredibly friendly. It's a shame they lost the rock night as it looks like it'd be worth going back to again.


Friendly? Good food? At the Railway? Impossible I tell you, impossible!

To be honest, the rock night at the Iguana struck me as a lot nicer than the Railway... there's actually space to move around in!

Come on - you were around back in the old days when there was that young couple - the really tall bloke and really short wife. They were friendly too :)

Not had a chance to check out the Iguana+Rock night yet though.

That's true... but it went downhill. The Iguana's pretty good, although like the rocknight at the Railway it's too damn loud to talk.