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Rocks fall, everyone lives...

Yesterday work was a bit poo. Mostly cos I had to stay until well after 7 sorting something out. Which was partially cos I didn't know what I was doing the night before but mostly because the database I was altering was crap and the guy I had to deal with to get another chance to make the change was being a git. So it meant that I got to the Sabbat game very very late.

Which didn't seem to adversely affect things, as I just arrived in time for the main event. It started with everyone making their way past 1000s of cultists, defeating his mortal enemy and saving his old love. Then we made our way deep into underground tunnels to track the demon. Peopled jumped us, things exploded, rocks fell, we survived. We then got jumped from behind by some hideously powerful person who kept appearing, attacking and then disappearing again. So when she next appeared, I rammed my chainsaw into her chest...just as she happened to shoot at the petrol engine. End result was big firey death and me having the first fatality.

So I spent the rest of the game NPCing and helping to kill off the other characters :) And then play switched back to my dead character who was in hell fighting demons, as everyone slowly joined him as they died too. And then we defeated the big bad demon and all went to Heaven. This didn't exactly bode well for my other vampire character. I was expecting the evil one (Jason) to go to hell, the good one (Bruce) to go to Heaven. Not the other way around.

Anyhow. Today I amazingly made it to the Garou game early. Garou was Garou. We sat around and chatted. Went off and did silly things. Killed stuff. The usual.

Then was last ever C/A game. Surprisingly things didn't quite start as I'd thought they might. I was back to being normal, but still didn't have a soul. Except I got offered one that wraithwitch's character had spare, but I declined and said she should try and use it to save the world first. Her idea failed, so I ended up with the second hand soul (that of a serial killer o_O). Which was a good thing cos we ended up fleeing the big bad gribbly who was mostly likely going to kill us all given half a chance. And I probably would have survived if I hadn't opened my big mouth. The main body of characters had got to the place we were all fleeing too and I mentioned that I was running and wondered if I'd arrived yet. So the big bad had another chance at me, which was fair enough. And ultimately, in dying, I got one of the two possible endings I wanted - namely I ended up in the duat(sp?)

So hurrah to the local vamp STs for running two great end games.

And yes the C/A game did have rocks falling too and no-one died from that either.

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