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Having finished packing the latest batch of crates I think the amount of stuff left is actually a lot less than I'd originally thought. I think I could probably get it all moved in about 3-5 trips. The thing is though, do I give them a months notice this Friday or not? Given how fast I am at packing so far, it could take far longer than a month. I daren't like to think what would happen if I started running out of time.


The problem with the rented van approach, is that I don't have that much stuff and what stuff I do have is too much to pack all at once. My old place is just way too cramped. I guess I could wait until I've actually moved and then give notice - I do have to tidy the flat up afterwards as well. I only picked this Friday, as it's the day before rent is due and it would mean I'd have a whole rent-month to deal with.

I've just requested the first 2 weeks of January off, so I guess I could do a massive moving blitz then. I'll leave giving notice until I've moved out. I'll probably need an entire month to tidy up the flat.