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Regionally goodness

It's nearly over. Garou was a bit "local" so didn't get much from it. C/A saw me nearly lose Bruce. Weather has got warmer but wetter. Had much o_O chat with sea_cucumber. Now I'm just waiting for the main event - mage - to start. So sleepy. Think I'll try and find a cinema tomorrow to kill time.


glad you having fun! i hope you have chars left to come to hatfield next weekend! I really hope to have a situation like with susie, only with you, i.e " shit, they're threatening Brian.......or whoever he is today.... hmmm, do i interfere? "

TRAUMA! wahey.
Yeah it's fun and Bruce is definitely turning up to protect Cinnamon. And hopefully not to get killed. Gotta survive 'til london.
'nearly'? you're really not trying are you . . .

(also, it was left pretty openended whether there would *be* another London game, so I shouldn't count on it: the response to the question 'do we want one more' at the last game largely seemed to be *shrug*)
Well I was in torpor - they were just "nice" and were going to finish me off after some other stuff :)

As for London, I'm going by plot stuff - if there isn't going to be another game, we'll have to do it at 'mede instead?