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People can now stop hassling me to get ADSL. I already have it. In fact I've had it for over a year now...curtesy of the BBC. Daft buggers are still paying for it.

Unfortunately it's pretty much useless as it goes direct behind the BBC firewalls which won't let me play online games. And because I've already got ADSL, I can't get new ADSL. I foresee much prodding of slimey to get it sorted :)


Hey, don't blame me - BBC Telecoms are notoriously bad at not cancelling things (or cancelling but not checking that BT actually did it).

I can do you a good deal on a new ADSL line, though ;-)


I'm not blaming you, you're just the person I know who used to deal with that kind of stuff. Like when they forgot to cancel my ISDN line 2 years after I'd moved out of my old place. Luckily they couldn't not cancel the ADSL cos it was on the same number as my new place :)