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Think of something really nice about me... if you can...

Post it in the comments section so all my 'friends' can read how great I am.

Post this me-me in your LJ so I don't look like the only insecure attention seeker.

Bask in the glory of how wonderful we both are and try beat the number of comments I receive.


Show me the money first. Then you get the compliment.

(So far no one seems to be taking me up on this offer, which is a shame, as I have a perfectly functional Paypal account).
You are really sweet, caring, and kind. You are clever and i know that if ever i needed you, you would be there for me. that means loads, that does.
your.....chris! there ya go...if you want more i need chocolate. besides, you know already anyway..

I might know already, but it doesn't hurt to hear it again :P

gah....nope. need chocolate.
your caring and loyal to your friends and open to new things.
Fun, clever, kind and well rounded. And I hear you have a reputation as a god of massage.
You always have a smile on your face. It's a simple thing but so rare.
Reliable, dependable, and always able to giggle smuttily at the most straight-laced statements :-)
You have a lot of wisdom and very smutty-looking grin.