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Gah. I'm getting really annoyed by those postcard emails now. I can't tell if it's a virus or not, cos it's sending stuff to email addresses that aren't publically known about, but it looks like a spam. My worst fear is that Yahoo have sold us all out...

Whatever they are, I hope if anyone gets them they're not dumb enough to try and follow the links. Which as those of you who use M$ products won't realise, is a different link to what is displayed.


Maybe we should set up bots to follow the links to utterly kill the server and cost them a fortune in bandwidth. I have 500GB of bandwidth on a 100Mb pipe, and my finger is on the trigger... :-)

No point. If it's a virus it looks like it's pointing people at something running on already infected machines which then probably infects you. I've tried the link and it does SFA - probably only responds if you are running Internet Infector Explorer or something.