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Blah blah blah meme blah blah

Stuff that is uniquely me...

CD no-one else owns
Aqua - Aquarius
Book no-one else owns
"Hedge Witch: Guide to Solitary Witchcraft"
DVD/VHS/whatever that no-one else owns
Doctor of Doom
Place no-one else has visited
My parent's place :)


Got the book :)
Me too : )

Sounds like we should be convincing you to come down on the last Monday of the month to say hi then? :)

me three!

Blimey. I had no idea this book was so popular. I wasn't overly thrilled by it TBH :)

i have many books i don't rate ;)

Yeah, but for a book you don't rate...a lot of random people have copies :)

it is one of the classics though, you will oft see it recommended.

Damn :)

I think is gonna get tricky given my books are either on wierd stuff, computer stuff or scifi/fantasy and I'm surounded by "pagans", geeks and er...geeks :)

Nice try. I have the Aqua album.

But my plan worked - now I'm not the only person who has Aqua albums around here :)

*will have to wait 'til he gets home to think of something more obscure tho*

Dear god no, not another one!
I own it on tape as ididn`t have a vd player back then..

Does that count.

No wait that means im admitting to liking aqua too!!

Hee hee - yes :)

Oh dear god, not another another one!
sorry, but i freely admit i have bad tate in music.

For god sake i own the muppets on cd..
Nothing wrong with the muppets. Hell, I used to have them on record somwhere. Along with the Wombles, I think.
Got the CD, Got the book....