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(apparently according to barty, whoring for nice comments works...)

Please leave nice comments to cheer me up and make me feel loved and stuff :)



I'll buy you a drink if you like.

*blinks* Are you trying to get me drunk, young man? :)

Dude - you rock.

(but are you *still* taking Barty's advice?)

Doh! I've done it again haven't I? You'd have thought I'd have learnt by now. At least this time I don't think anything bad can happen. :)
*hug* cos you can never have too many hugs

Woooooooo!! chris!!!! yaaaaay!!


Woohoo!!! Dancing!!!

Do you still need nice comments as it is now tomorrow and you have been told how loved you are, if so:
*hug* I hope one Thursday I will actually have a proper conversation with you because I bet you are a fascinating and interesting individual

You still think after reading my LJ? :)

I thought you wanted nice comments :P
I will stand by my statement until you prove it wrong :)

Ignore me - I'm in a silly mood.