maddy (themadone) wrote,

Bournemouth invasion plans!!!

Small change in far as we can tell, the train from Waterloo doesn't stop at Clapham. It does however stop at Woking at 10:54. So this results in the change in plans as follows.

We can get one of two trains to Weybridge - either 9:24 or 9:54 and from there get a train to Woking and wait for London types to arrive. Or we can get the 9:29 to Clapham and get the 10:29 to Woking instead. Or if people have already got tickets from Waterloo, probably best you guys go there on the 9:29 too.

The easiest plan, is probably for anyone who can to go the Weybridge route. Especially the Fresian Fields mob :)

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