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Success! I've just met the "irate" neighbour (Bernie) for the 2nd time and we've not come to trading blows. In fact she was almost as sorry for the incident as I was. Turns out (much as most people had thought) that she'd been sitting there, listening to it go on and on and on and then the kid woke up and was scared by the music she blew her fuse. She realised that she was out of order and I realise I should have told her so we're all settled. Sounds like the neighbourhood is actually a whole lot nicer than originally thought. In the summer everyone gets together in the garden for cool drinks and things like that. She's also promised that at some stage she'll invite me over to help her drink the bottle of wine and we can get to know each other better. Actually as I type that, I get one of those strange "uh-oh" type vibes.

Speaking of blown fuses, I came home to find the house in darkness. I've been leaving the hall/stair lights on because by the time I get home, it's dark and there isn't any outside lighting to help me see the lock. I think the culprit was the stair light as it'd gone pop at some stage. Unfortunately being short and not being very happy with heights, does mean I can't actually change the bulb as it's just out of my reach. The hall light is however bright enough to provide light as far as the front door, so it'll do until I can find a nice big strong man to help me. *swoon*

As well as meeting Bernie, I also met the neighbour above her. Graham the first neighbour I'd met said he'd not seen much sign of them and I think this is due to the fact that they're renting, so they'll not be around for long. Oddly enough the renting neighbour is called Graham as well - he apparently has a housemate, but I didn't get to speak to him.


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