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*sigh* Got to talking on a talker with some friends about BMI and all that kind of stuff, cos of a couple of the girls have joined some form of slimming club and have lost lots of weight. They gave out a URL for the club and being curious I have a look at the ideal weight graphs and whatever. Result - "Gah! I'm fat! The website says so!"


Oh I've cut down on coke considerably - when I was living with my parents I used to go through several bottles a week. These days I tend to drink water at home.

If you want to lose a few pounds too, maybe we could both join one and provide moral support? There is a branch of the one my friends were recommending in Egham, but unfortunately it's at 6pm on Wednesday which I can't make cos of getting back from work. However there are several in Staines that are on Tuesday at much later times.

Yeah.. i think i'd be up for that... depends how much it costs though.. but in principle i'm up for it! :) I think there may be others in the area also up for it, not sure... We could go in a huge lump!

According to their website (http://www.slimming-world.com/ it costs £6.95 to join and £3.25 per week. I figure if I didn't eat junk food I could easily afford that a week.