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*sigh* Got to talking on a talker with some friends about BMI and all that kind of stuff, cos of a couple of the girls have joined some form of slimming club and have lost lots of weight. They gave out a URL for the club and being curious I have a look at the ideal weight graphs and whatever. Result - "Gah! I'm fat! The website says so!"


don't worry those charts say i'm overweight too. I've been told not to listen to them, so neither should you. If you wish to lose weight, then i'm sure that you'll have loads of friends who will be there for you through the hunger and feelings of hopelessness. If you don't then say "up yer bum" to the charts and carry on enjoying life.. life is too short to be ruled by squiggles on a graph :)

Unfortunately they're not saying I'm overweight - they're saying I'm the next level (obesse?). I'd not have a problem if it was only overweight. I'm 4stone too heavy apparently. I wish I could lose it but I've got no idea where to begin.


Aaaahhh... if you wish you could loose it, then you have many friend around you who will help. To be honest, the only sure way to loose weight is to eat healthily and get more exercise. When we next see each other irl we can chat about it if you like *hug*

Ok. I wish it - I want to be a nice healthy weight. I guess once the new place is sorted out, I can have people over for dinner which would mean I'd be cooking and generally my cooking is a lot healthier than the junk food I eat.

Yeah.. healthy food is v. important. I have to say, i found cutting down on coke helped, but i seldom keep to that. You might want to join a slimming club, they are not just for lasses, and it will give you encouragement. I'm not the best person to give slimming advice (if i were i'd be a lot thinner), but i do have a few books on it. If it's something you want to do, you can do it.. never fear! :)

Oh I've cut down on coke considerably - when I was living with my parents I used to go through several bottles a week. These days I tend to drink water at home.

If you want to lose a few pounds too, maybe we could both join one and provide moral support? There is a branch of the one my friends were recommending in Egham, but unfortunately it's at 6pm on Wednesday which I can't make cos of getting back from work. However there are several in Staines that are on Tuesday at much later times.

Yeah.. i think i'd be up for that... depends how much it costs though.. but in principle i'm up for it! :) I think there may be others in the area also up for it, not sure... We could go in a huge lump!

According to their website (http://www.slimming-world.com/ it costs £6.95 to join and £3.25 per week. I figure if I didn't eat junk food I could easily afford that a week.