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I just saw the most b'zzare thing ever. As I went out to get lunch there was this guy walking down the street yelling out abuse at everyone and anything - mostly saying how shit it was here. As I walked past Le Brunch he stopped and started targeting his verbal abuse at it - warning people that they crapped in the food and stuff. He must have kept it up for at least several minutes, but unfortunately wasn't there when I got back to further amuse me with his clearly deranged ranting.

I guess the men in white coats had by that stage arrived to take him back to his nice padded cell.


A clear example that it doesn't work.

Weird... I think there was a similar guy in Staines today, during my lunch hour. That was about 1:20. Could it have been the same guy? Or were there two such maniacs on the loose?

I think I'd just gone to lunch at 1.30 though, so maybe not? I dunno. He was heading towards the station at the time.