maddy (themadone) wrote,

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Blah. I admit it - I'm crap. I decide to phone xtasca to see how she is and loosely arrange to drag everyone from down here to visit her and go and see Rocky Horror.

Unfortunately everyone had made plans to go to Full Tilt and since I didn't have details, I never got back to her to tell her what was going on. I didn't feel like going to Full Tilt as I had to sort out my mortgage on saturday so I stayed at home.

Which is why I'm crap. It turns out that she went to Full Tilt too and met up with everyone anyway, so if I'd phoned, I'd have found out what she was up to and could have met up with her at Full Tilt instead.

Well I guess I couldn't have gone anyway, but I could have at least phoned. I shall have to phone or something later on in the week.

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