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It's kinda wierd thinking about the Boscastle thing. Admittedly I didn't actually venture that far, but others I know did. I dunno. I can't really wonder what it would have been like if we had been around at the wrong time.

On a more lighter note I got the 3rd season of 24 today. Tescos were being uberly sneaky and had positioned a film I've never heard of that stars the blonde daughter from 24 called "The Girl Next Door". An amusing jape about a kid who falls in love with the girl who moves in next door, unknowning that she is a pornstar. Of course you lot are all probably thinking the worst despite it actually being a funny rom-com not a porno. *shrugs*

The lovemap has definitely broken free of it's IFIS confines and now definitely seems to cover a variety of social groups ranging from our local mob to CamUK and god knows who from cryx's friends list. Luckily it's not being hammered a lot by frantic people trying to see the latest updates. Apart from myself of course, but I figure I'm allowed to since it's my monster :) Could definitely do with people going back a bit more frequently to flesh it out more quickly though. And get those people who've not signed up yet to sign up too.


It doesn't as such have the facility to put in a key in, except by adding some nodes and invisible edges. I tried that before but it dwarved the graph so I took it out...trying it again it doesn't look so bad though.

OIC what you mean about having a link page...hadn't thought of that :) That makes sense.