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Tuesday in Sunny Egham is trash day. Since I had discovered the whereabouts of my wheelie bin, I decided to put the vast amount of rubbish accumilated after the party into it. It was at this point I discovered a major problem. The wheelie bin is tiny. It's about half the size of the one I had at the old place. As a result, I had to really force the bin bags into it. I managed 2 of them, which meant leaving the lid half open and had to leave the 3rd lying in front.

That evening the bin was gone and so was the extra bag, so I'm guessing the binmen have taken the trash and moved the bin back to it's normal resting place. I think that normally the binmen also collect the bin from it's normal resting place as I saw a binman doing just that whilst I was dragging the bin to the street. I guess if I put rubbish in the bin before he gets there, then he drags it out.

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