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The meeting was a bit pointless. I was expecting it to be several hours long because there was a lot to discuss, but it was only booked for an hour. By the end of it, nothing had actually been achieved. Luckily I managed to blag going to work from home rather than heading back to the office. Unluckily the trains were a nightmare. Some idiot had jumped in front of a train causes all services homewards to be canceled or delayed by ages. Eventually I did make it back to the flat and spent the afternoon working.

As soon as I could stop working without feeling guilty, I headed back to my new home to get changed into something smart and do some last minute tarting up. Once I was looking absolutely gorgeous, I headed over to the restaurant. Crossing the causeway was a nightmare - the cars just whizzed past so quickly. Eventually there was a large enough gap to cross, the woman who was also trying to cross didn't want to risk it though, so I got to the other side by myself.

I then headed across the dark field to the road that the restaurant was on. After what seemed like ages walking, I began to wonder if I was actually making any progress. I looked behind to see how far I'd gone only to see the woman walking behind me - hopefully I didn't freak her out. Soon enough I was at the other road and then had the original problem of the traffic being very heavy. Waiting to cross, the woman caught me up again - I began to wonder if she was one of the new students heading to the dinner too. When we did manage to get across she headed in the opposite direction, so either she was lost or she wasn't going to the dinner.

After a while I found the restaurant. Took me a while to find the entrance which for some unknown reason was secreted around the back. I was the first to arrive - surprisingly it'd only taken me 15minutes to walk here and not the 30minutes I'd budgeted for. Whilst I waited for people to turn up I started on the drinking for the night. A couple of vodka and cokes later, people started arriving.

We all faffed about and eventually settled down. I ended up sitting next to Ron and opposite Ross and Linette, except that Giles and Lizzie (redheaded first year) sat in her seat. Then people they re-arranged themselves and Ross, Giles and Lizzie moved over to the other table and Linette moved back. Steve, Paul and James took the empty seats nearby when they arrived.

The food wasn't too bad - I had the 'shrooms, roast turkey and xmas pud. The only niggling problem was that I didn't drink that much :). As a result, I didn't even get midly tipsy - oh well. The mistletoe was out in force again this year, except this time I was caught unaware and xtasca managed to sneak up behind me with it and give me a quick peck on the lips. It's been YEARS since I last kissed a girl - far far too long. All those warm fuzzy memories of what it was like have come flooding back - I could really do with a really long snog now. Oh well. All in all, everyone had a great time. I took lots of photos - there are some good ones of cryx and doris.

We all went home en masse, invading the field from two directions. Well ok - I went across one way (the way with the path), whilst the others went across the grass. nemy had to be carried for mos tof the way and doris seemed incapable of walking in a straight line, but they made it across eventually. We all met up at the far side and staggered across the road and then some where lots of hugs were dished out and I split from the rest and went home.

In summary - a fun night. Hurrah for cryx for organising it.

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