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I've got 2 weeks (10 days) to take off before the end of the year. What should I do with it? Can't be arsed to fiddle about and set up a poll cos more than any other reason, it doesn't allow big long waffley answers. So if anyone has any suggestions - post a comment.

(offers of trips away with beautiful women, gratefully welcomed and encouraged ;)


hmmmm.....day trips away with not so beautiful impoverished female friends? to beaches, forests, theme parks? (or anywhere else cheap and fun!)

I'd rather do more than a day - that way I don't waste so much time getting there and back.

Not sure who you mean by the not so beautiful women - I'm surounded by so much beauty it hurts sometimes.

doofus....i meant me...and i also meant local stuff...

I knew who you meant. My original point still stands. Local stuff might be OK. I still need ideas though :)

thorpe park? days out in london? the great park?

Hmmm...that highlights the problem with local stuff - I just want to get away and relax. That might involve a little walking around stuff, but I'd rather just admire the scenary.

windsor great park