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I've got 2 weeks (10 days) to take off before the end of the year. What should I do with it? Can't be arsed to fiddle about and set up a poll cos more than any other reason, it doesn't allow big long waffley answers. So if anyone has any suggestions - post a comment.

(offers of trips away with beautiful women, gratefully welcomed and encouraged ;)


hmmmm.....day trips away with not so beautiful impoverished female friends? to beaches, forests, theme parks? (or anywhere else cheap and fun!)

I'd rather do more than a day - that way I don't waste so much time getting there and back.

Not sure who you mean by the not so beautiful women - I'm surounded by so much beauty it hurts sometimes.

doofus....i meant me...and i also meant local stuff...

I knew who you meant. My original point still stands. Local stuff might be OK. I still need ideas though :)

thorpe park? days out in london? the great park?

Hmmm...that highlights the problem with local stuff - I just want to get away and relax. That might involve a little walking around stuff, but I'd rather just admire the scenary.

windsor great park
You can come and decorate our place :-) or give them to your boss (he could do with a few extra days holiday).



I'm not really sure what to suggest since I don't know your tastes too well, but if I had ten days I'd probably head off to Norway or Sweden to the Ffords. At this time of year the weather is good though not roasting, the scenery is stunning, and you'd have plenty of gorgeous Scandinavian women to meet along the way :)

Re: Vacation

Ah. Should have said that it will probably closer to October - already got a holiday for August sorted.

How 'bout every friday off in december, november, and most of october? :-)

Actually, you're allowed to carry over SOME of it - 5 days to be spent in the first quarter of next year, I think?