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My god I'm up early. Well actually I'm normally up this early, but I'm not usually at a computer this early. Unfortunately I have a lovely boring meeting up in London and since by the time I got to work I'd be waaay too late to leave for the meeting, it makes far more sense if I go straight from home. Hopefully I can wrangle coming back home after the meeting too, cos then I'll have more time to spend tarting myself up for tonight.

Not that I have much tarting up to do, I've already shaved this morning and applied my new Nivea(sp?) aftershave balm stuff. My chin is soft and smooth in a "I can't stop stroking my chin" sort of way. I can see myself stroking my chin thoughtly a lot during the meeting.

So if all goes according to plan tonight, I'll be lovely and strokable from the waist up - my hair, face, shirt and jacket are all soft and strokable. Lovely. I wonder what lovely young lasses are going tonight.

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