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Another weekend gone by

Friday I went to a party. I bought the birthday girls (cryx and ebq) shiny gifts which made them smile lots - result! Then I spent the evening not drinking cos warm Aftershock doesn't really taste that nice. Much better cold. People played a strange game called "I Have Never". Apparently there was a mass exposure of breasts (or bras). cryx wowed the room with her high kicking kung-fu skills. Little Mike tried to be even more irritating than the last party and was proudly boasting that this time he hadn't made a fool of himself *cough*.

ebq's blokey nearly killed himself on the oven trying to catch Izzy when American Rob kept playing with her off switch. Spent several hours chatting wierd stuff with sea_cucumber and vierkilau and then others as people randomly wandered in and out of the kitchen. Finally crawled onto the sofa for much snoozing until I got woken up at stupid o'clock in the morning.

Got taken to lunch by cryx with stealthracer. Then we met up with ebq, wraithwitch and anysbryd for shopping in Camden. Not much caught the birthday girls' eyes although they did try a few things on - most notably some corsets. I appear to have managed to got over my embaressment with seeing cryx showing her bra.

In the evening we went to the scariest C/A game ever. I so very nearly lost my character, but ended up losing his valued and trusty retainer instead. Much much angst.

Today I went and had pizza and saw Shrek 2 again. There's all kinds of bits I missed the first time. Also went shopping and caught up on SG-1 and Farscape. Back home now after a roadtrip to Woking. Others agree/were amused by my Shrek 2 ideas for Mage :)

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