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Yah! 5 down, 1 to go.


what do ya mean

5 down one to go o what
and Hah im finally have a live journal so there!!!!

Re: what do ya mean

Haven't you read the rest of my journal - or at least the past few days. I have 6 crates that I need to fill so that I can take them to my new place.

And..er...who the hell are you? :)

Re: what do ya mean

we saw a cool steam train in the middle of last week toghther and i catch the train with you one week out of four. and who else would poke you

Re: what do ya mean

Gah! Since when do you live in Uruguay!?!?!?

*pokes you back*

Re: what do ya mean

i don`t so there, have i really put that.

Re: what do ya mean

i don`t live in there any more i moved in two secs to united kingdom.