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Awoke this morning, feeling very refreshed. The new bed is definitely a comfort 9, energy 9. Pootled about for a bit and then headed off for a spot of xmas shopping. Headed to MVC as most of my family wanted videos of one sort or another. The except to this is my father. He hadn't provided a wish list so it was tricky to know what to get him given his rapidly decreasing health. In the end I decided to phone my mum to see what she thought and we decided a Black Adder DVD would be ideal. Not sure how likely it is he'll be able to use it, as apparently his ability to control electrical appliances is non-existent, but I guess my mum could always put it on for him.

With my shopping needs satisified, I headed back home, popping into the off license to pick up a bottle of wine to appease my disgruntled neighbour. She wasn't in when I popped around but I have at last discovered the whereabouts of my wheeliebin, so at last I can take the trash out.

Going to head back to the flat (or rather I'm at the flat since that is where I'll be posting this from) and attempt a bit more packing before heading off to the London game tonight.

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