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Yikes! Things I Love is up to 300 registered users! Shame more than 60% of them appear to be inactive.


thats cos some of us can't afford to buy the stuff on our lists!

I don't mean active like that - I just mean they've not logged in to the site for a while.

I've been using it recently - I still find it damn handy for Christmas and Birthdays, especially for waving at my parents and other relatives.

Oh yeah...don't get me wrong, the site is getting a lot of usage. I suspect a lot of that 60% are active but just aren't logging in to update stuff.

yup, should use it more. Shall think about it. but I now have the 1 item that is actually there.

Must have a nother look at the FAQ and find how to remove it.

You have 2 items. Personally I'd recommend not deleting items because it uses the items you have to recommend you more stuff. Although at the moment you aren't getting any recommendations yet cos your list is so "unique" and small.

If you do want to delete stuff, I'm hoping it's self evident.

By delete I really mean 'mark so people know I have it now'.

Ah...wasn't entirely sure. But either way, it looks like you've got it sussed.

ah well, the reason i don't update is because i don't need the temptation!