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I don't know too much about football, but is it my imagination, or is the England strip red? It would seem kinda appropriate as everyone knows from watching Star Trek, that the nameless nobodies in red always get killed first...


she's been dragged up proper

Dahhling! Yup, *hangs head in shame* educated at all girl's schools in Ascot and Kensington sweetie!

She fancies all those blokes I reckon

I must say I tend to go for the fans rather than the players ;) and my team are composed of portraits of Dorian Gray, which doesn't help!

Mud fetish??? Mmm, I'll have to think on that one...

I think mud fetish is along the same lines as being a lesbian. Lots of guys wish their gfs would sleep with other women and let them watch. And likewise they wish their gfs would roll about in mud and let them watch too. Why else is there mud wrestling?

meek! Have a good weekend