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I don't like peanut butter...but those strange folk at LJ Match have a compatiablity thing based on it. I think. I'm not entirely sure what it's trying to say about some of you. Maybe that you taste foul and I never want to eat you? Although I think that might be false given some of the top scores. Whatever the case - very very wierd.

Friend Stat: Peanut Butter Index

_aredhel 100%
sherbetsaucers 99%
urizen 97%
duana 89%
astebe7 81%
wraithwitch 80%
charliemouse 79%
kinkykay 79%
estellew 78%
nocturnia 76%
bouncyinsomniac 75%
xtasca 74%
satyrica 74%
eggwhite 73%
reindeerflotila 71%
suave_steve 70%
zenmeisterin 67%
thankyoukindly 66%
sebastian_oaks 66%
northern_nutter 65%
teknostatik 63%
ambrogino 63%
anonymous_james 58%
kimkali 56%
jonnyargles 55%
barty 54%
riksowden 47%
kissycat1000 46%
majic13 45%
gillianj 44%
themadone 44%
nevecat 41%
montysheep 39%
slimeyuk 38%
doris 38%
purplelovespell 37%
wildrogue 37%
anysbryd 36%
borusa 36%
huuggs 32%
ebq 32%
izzy_stradlin 30%
valkyriekaren 29%
hddod 29%
goddesssnoweh 28%
darklittlefox 27%
lucfia 25%
cryx 24%
vierkilau 22%
sea_cucumber 21%
lucifermourning 21%
sollunastella 20%
ketchgirl 18%
karohemd 16%
kizzie 14%
noseynick 13%
vhf 13%
emmiepoohs 11%
shalafi 10%
inquis 9%
fluffy_firefly 7%
athanasius 4%
blue_cat 1%
tziganka 1%
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Pah! I'm right near the bottom...

... but I thought you ought to know... I'm onto you!

NoseyNick's LJ stalker is themadone!
themadone is stalking you because you got better results for the 'acronym' thing than them. They are also slowly poisoning you!

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ah bollox, the form bits didn't work. :-(

Ah, but being near the bottom is good maybe, as I don't like peanut butter. Unless of course the quiz is comparing people on how much they like peanut butter, in which case I guess you must bathe in it or something :)

Darn, my secret is out.

can't stand the stuff.
Evidence that it is bollocks - admittedly I will eat pretty much anything, but 18%!

Well this one isn't entirely serious anyway which was why I picked it. The other stuff is vaguely sensible, but completely screws you (hee hee - pun :) over on sexual match cos it is biased against people with low/no experience.

www.okcupid.com is better because it uses 100s of questions to base matches on and people can add more questions.