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Woolworths owns my soul

Woolworths are now doing a 2 for £10 offer on selected DVDs. So
obviously I spent £40 in there :)


Or saved what, like £70?

Well it's all really old stuff, so it's unlikely they'd go for the RRP any more. I did save £7.92 so thats a few more "beers" down the pub I guess.

Not sure. I suspect it translates to "Really old stuff we don't want to sell any more"

I've no idea what kind of stock they have in Staines. In Egham I got Taxi 1 & 2, Addicted to Love, Invincible, Beetlejuice, Fist of Legend, Just Visiting and Rocketeer.

I guess if you're in the area, it wouldn't hurt to poke your head in the door. I hardly ever go in there though, but (without even seeing any advertising) felt strangely drawn inside.