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In a vague nod of the head towards sorting out the garden, I just picked 3 bags of mint that was blocking the path. I doubt that accounts for a tenth of the mint overall, but at least the path is now clear(ish).

So far the plan is to maybe wash and dry the stuff, but I'm tempted to make some mint sauce too. Otherwise, unless anyone else wants any I suspect a lot of it's going in the bin.


Mint freezes quite well; I'd suggest drying it off thoroughly on paper towels, popping it into a ziploc bag and putting it in the freezer for future use, or passing it to friends who cook Indian or North African food a lot if ou're not going to use it.

Ah cool! (*snigger*) I hadn't thought of doing that. I shall have to see if I can find some of them bags tomorrow after work. And then finish washing the rest of it. Barely scratched the surface so far *grins sheepishly*

Any food type bag with a twist tie would also work.

I'll take a smallish bag off your hands. I'll even exchange some frozen blackberries if you want them?

Could do...probably won't have any ready until the weekend though. Blackberries go really well in fromage frais.