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w00t! I've booked myself a room at the hotel where the regional is being held. I've pre-reg'd. And it's local, so I don't have to worry about how I'm getting there or back. w00t! I'm good to go!


Out of interest how much was the room?

Only £45 a night for a twin+B&B. I'm half expecting it to double in price when I arrive.

Only? I expect to pay that in Euros in Germany...
Incidentally, there's no hotel room booking information on the website I could see, a link, the exact postal address or at least a phone number would help, I think.

Yeah...I'd only just found the main site for them tonight. So now it's up. It's not actually that hard to find with google though.

And I say only...the other places that I found for booking rooms there were charging £90 a night for the same rooms. But I think that is cos they assumed 2 people would be in them.