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Pub was good. Pub is now doing odd cocktail shots. Like slippery nipples (which I had one of). Managed to recognise purplelovespell when she arrived at the pub, but was eating so didn't go in grab her. Except I didn't need to cos she cunningly worked out that we weren't the guy at the bar, so we must be the group outside :)

Had 2 of the shot cocktails - knocked both of them back too. Which obviously made me sleepy squiffy bloke. Will definitely be drinking lots of water before bed. Felt kinda bad for not keeping my end up in the mead drinking department. They had an bottle unopen all evening. Disgraceful.

Don't think we came across as scarey wierdos, although I probably came close with my excited bouncing and clapping at DiCaprio dying at the end of Titanic. I guess we'll find out when/if she moves over properly :)


i thought the happy bouncing at leonardo de crapeo dieing was a normal human responce
no i didnt think of you as weird, i had lots o fun. thats why im adding you to my friends list :)