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You're going home in a f'ing ambulance

Failed utterly to remember to go look at the eclipse. When I finally did get outside the moon was clearly visible, so I guess I might have missed out on a good view.

Ended up having to look after Joshua whilst people ate curry. I'm hoping that it was the smell of curry that made him bawl his eyes out. Got covered in baby drool - yuck.

Game was mostly uneventful as we kept getting sidetracked. majic13 did manage to cause my amusement when he chucked a sick bag out of our plane and land it on the windshield of one of the fighter escorts...who had his canopy open at the time.

And as the subject suggests. I got a lift home in the ambulance. Very wierd travelling backwards...very queas-inducing. Me and majic13 were acting very childish in the back and making siren noises and stuff.


Best. Luck roll. Ever. XD