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Despite those pesky vikings, I managed to make it to Hatfield mage in time. Although the same couldn't be said for everyone else :) The Game was pretty much as I'd expected, a nice relaxing game, although I didn't get to kick any blind guys in the nads.

Then in a purely random whim, mostly cos there was lift space, I headed on over to Oxford as well. Then I discovered that the train station was miles away from the venue, so I was on the verge of going home again when the amazingly wonderful anonymous_james offered me a lift home. w00t! So I stayed and spent several hours looking like a bunny caught in car headlights as I tried making myself look very unnoticable in a room full of werewolves and uber gribbly mages of doom. Which worked - although I think that was mostly cos people were too busy dealing with other stuff.

Of course, now I'm back at work rather than playing Mage somewhere...oh well


"although I didn't get to kick any blind guys in the nads."

Oh, it's one of the Hatfield characters - he's blind and irritates the f*** out of Mike. So much so that at the first game they met, Mike felt obliged to kick him in the nuts :)

He did deserve it - he was trying to burn Mike alive at the time. But obviously OOCly, it's become a bit of an in-joke about Mike and his abusement of visually impaired people. And of course he's incurred Mike's wrath a whole lot more since then, so probably needs another kicking :)