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The house warming party went well. Lots of people turned up and we drank and danced late into the night. The only bad things that happened was that shalafi jumped onto my foot accidently and one of my neighbours came around to complain about the music and threatened to brick my windows if she had to come back again. That pretty much killed the party so everyone went home and I was left alone in the house. Oddly enough it took me a fair while to get to sleep - the threat that my irrational neighbour could come back and start breaking windows was very unsettling. Eventually I did get to sleep and awoke eventually feeling refreshed - the new bed is very warm and comfy.

Nothing unusual has happened the rest of the weekend. I spent most of it vegging about the new home helping it recovering from the party.


Crazy Neighbour Lady

Your party was indeed most enjoyable Chris. Well I really enjoyed it anyway. I was amused by the fact that I got to answer the door to the mad woman. In my fantabulous outfit ;-)

Re: Crazy Neighbour Lady

Yes...and then you ran away and left me to it. *pout*

Re: Crazy Neighbour Lady

Oops, sowwee :). I should have stuck around and frightened her with my Executive Transvestism.
Yeah sorry about that Chris, much guilt was accrued :( Bad Pual, no biscuit.

Ah, don't worry about it - there is no lasting damage. You were lucky you didn't do yourself an injury smashing into the door/chairs like that.