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Phew. I'm knackered. Just spent the first part of the day shopping and spent lots of dosh. I now have a new outfit for the party tonight.

Got home to find a electric bill for 200quid for the new place. I don't understand why but they're charging me shedloads for the Economy 7 during the day. I thought the point of it was that it only came on at night.

Right. Going to move a few more bits over to the new place and get ready for the party.


Give 'em a call.. and you shouldn't have that big a bill anyway considering it only became your responsability last friday.. call them up, be nice, but get them to sort it out pronto...

Yup - called 'em up the moment I got to the new place and gave 'em a new meter reading. It was at _least_ 20 times more than what they'd estimated. The bloke actually sounded sincerely appoligetic. I got a gas bill from them too, waiting at the new place (the electric arrives at old since I get electric for there from them too) and I'd imagine they've done the same there. I'll look when I next get back.