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The weekend pretty much started for me on Thursday when sea_cucumber crashed over after the pub. Surprisingly we got to bed before it was time for me to get up for work and only spent a short time plotting and discussing silly things. Work was work. Would have prefered to have the day off and hang out with people instead.

Sabbat game happened. It was so long ago tho, that it's taken me a few minutes to remember what happened. It was a game that needed to be longer cos we ended up only doing half what we wanted. My pack had great fun torturing someone for info. Must learn torture I think :)

Had aardnebby stay over as well as [Bad username: sea_cucumber,]

Garou was um...OK we fucked up, lost several characters and um...yeah fucked up. C/A was bad and wrong. Although this month I appear to have solved my feeding problems and actually managed not to require a harshing. Royally screwed up plot. Avoided death, maiming, multiation and deeply disturbing art work. Asked a scarey Tremere for words of wisdom and still lived.

Post game chatting was a lot more dubious and aardnebby is just bad and wrong ;) Hopefully sea_cucumber the long promised back massage I've been saying I'd do for her for several months now. Arrived far too late at the pub to get lunch, but did bump into others leaving, so managed to blag a lift for the remaining bit :)

Mage was different - mostly cos I was playing my lesser-spotted primary. I hope I played him suitably well enough that it didn't seem like Mike without a glove on. I think I did though. Had some very interesting chats, but failed utterly to get involved in any plot. Ah well - Mike is unfortunately the plot magnet out of the two and seems to love diving off into the deepest pools of poo ever.

Am very sleepy now. I really should go to sleep, but I haven't spodded all weekend. Even my guests managed at most 30 minutes spodding due to lack of network cards or working power. Still, at least I know I can setup my machine to allow others to spod :)

I'm also very envious of sea_cucumber's new boots as they have spikes on and I would imagine that if I ever felt the need to kick someone in the nads for hurting a friend of mine, that they would be most effective at causing a lot of pain.