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I tried posting via email on the way to Brum on Friday, but only today realised why it dind't work. The missing entry goes something along the lines of.

Arse! Missed the train! Luckily the next one was only 30minutes later and I managed to get to Brum eventually. Unfortunately I was crap and couldn't be arsed to head on over for the end of Sabbat and go clubbing - especially as sherbetsaucers was tempting me to stay with food plans. Luckily sea_cucumber managed to find someplace to crash.

Got very little sleep, but managed to stagger down in time to catch a lift to the venue for Mage. Game was fun, although a little over dominated by the usual suspects. Managed to survive with only 1 agg. Go me!

C/A started off not at all like I expected. For a start - we didn't get jumped by the Archons. In fact we managed to get clean away. Then stupidly we went back - although paying 6quid for a game, I guess only playing 1 hour of it didn't make much sense either. The rest of the game was low key until the night's Malk plot hit us.

Stayed up late again, eating curry and drinking at the bar. Managed to get plenty of sleep, but only cos I over slept. Oops. Journey back should have been much more traumatic cos part of it was on a replacement bus, but I was surprisingly not at all stressed. Wierd. No trouble at all after that. My body aches like hell though - I guess the beds weren't that great.

Oh yeah. The flash purple/green car I mentioned the other day is a co-workers car and it's a TVR.

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