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Eeeep. So excited and yet so nervous. I hate travelling to unknown places by myself. And I'm so tired too, which means I'm even more likely to screw it up.


I'm having enough anxiety problems thinking about going on a strange train journey - I don't think I could cope with a bus ride as well. Taxi should do me just fine I hope.


Fair enough - you could always see about joining us on the drinking part of our evening if you wanted ;)

Thats the plan. I'm also providing crashspace for sea_cucumber, so have to meet up with her at some point. Not that she really needs it cos she won't be sleeping as per usual

not going to Sabbat then? we're off drinking in town (though i'm sure there will be boozing at the venue too) - hotel room?

I'll head over for the end of Sabbat to see what people are up to. Don't know beyond that what I'm doing.

Sounds fair :)