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I'm so vacant sometimes. I can't remember when last week, but I saw the most awesomely yummiest colour car ever. It was shiny purple and shiny green all at the same time. I think it had that special kind of paint that changes colour depending on what angle you're looking at - like that really cool nail vanish I like. Obviously it was a sports car - god knows what type though :)


I think I know the one you mean

It's one of those small boy racer type cars. A Renault 5 or a Fiesta or something of that sort of size. I thought the rest of the mods were repulsive so I couldn't bear to take a closer look. Nice paint job, though - pity it wasn't on a nicer car. ;-)

I can assure you, though, that the paint job on it must have cost more than all of the rest of the car put together. I seem to remember that _aredhel's Beetle has a similar paint job. Of course, she got it for free. :-)

Re: I think I know the one you mean

Um...you been spying on the carpark where I work? Cos otherwise I think you're thinking of a different car :)

The one I was thinking of was sat in the carpark here last week. Can't remember when - it was one of the days we went to Crown for lunch. Could well still be down there - I think it was an employees.

Re: I think I know the one you mean

there is a chimera or a griffen? car like that somes in egham... nice car.. shame about the initial design flaws though...

Re: I think I know the one you mean

As I said - I've no idea what model it is. And what with it being at least 4 days later, I can't remember much about it apart from it being fairly squarish and low to the ground.