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OK. The weekend. Friday I raced across the known universe to House of Them to dump my overnight stuff and amazingly made it in time to catch up with the other folk going to London Mage. We headed on over with plenty of time before the game started to decide what our plan was. The game was fun and despite avoiding the scarey combat, still ended up with plenty of trauma and angst.

Then we headed on over to FT. It was OK. In some ways better than usual in that I didn't get mopey, but my ankles started aching so I had to bail out on the dancing early. Have decided that I don't like the kebab place next to jelly juice shop - their chips are crap. Jelly juice was as usual lovely and I really should get 2 next time. Chatted with noisy folk in the kitchen and then gave up and crashed.

Woke up surprisingly rested and then headed on over to Sabbat. The game was uneventful until the local residents of the village the game was set in decided for (IC) unknown reasons to lynch us. Cue much combat and people making a "strategy retreat". Probably should have called it a day at that point, but ended up at the new IC venue in time for loads of repercusions, nearly getting a bollocking from the Archbish and being sent on wild goose chases.

C/A game was even more angst-filled than the Mage game for the most part, but that was purely down to me and Raven screwing up our feeding tests. The actual game didn't involve much and most of the Malks were strangely absent, so we didn't end up having our usual monthly meeting. Got home fairly late and crashed after I'd fixed a few bugs on the website.

Sunday, got up late. Decided I couldn't be arsed to head up to re-enactment only to then head back down again for mage, so stayed at home and did some stuff on TIL. Mage downtime was good and Mike has finally managed to have something go the way he wanted. Hmmm...spanking goodness :)

Spent the rest of the evening having my butt kicked at Halo by various people - quite a few were in different countries. Pistol is definitely my prefered weapon. I wonder if you can swap crouch with jump on the controllers...


yes, the chips there are not good. I feel they are only supported by the needs of very drunk and very hungry people.

Yeah. I should maybe had tried harder to eat before FT. Guess it doesn't matter any more now though. Unless they start it up again. Maybe the new location will have a better chip shop.