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Yesterday was amusing, if only for the fact that before we'd even started the game the power went so we were plunged into darkness. And cold too as the boiler had already packed in, so heating was being provided by lots of electric heaters. Looked to be a HUGE blackout reaching as far as St Judes road and I lost mobile signal too.

I'm feeling very ..... something due to not being able to play Mage Live constantly. I know I should be doing work, but I just want to go out and fix things, build robots, spank Freya and stuff. Which I know is impossible, because it relies on their being other players to interact with and STs around to fill in the gaps and everyone else probably values their real lives more :)

And yes, the word could possibly be sad, but it's more akin to frustration or something. Itching to get to the National and fix the world I guess.

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