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It's dead Jim

Something odd happened on Friday that wasn't at all related to house moving in. When I'm surfing from home I have to log into my workstation at work to check mail and get to machines on the outside. Once all the fuss with the house had died down I attempted to do the above. My first session to read my mail asked me for a password, once I'd typed that it, I started up a second session. This didn't ask me for a password and I then noticed the first hadn't done much since I'd entered the password in.

I logged into another machine at work and started checking that my workstation was alive or dead or not. It was from what little I could tell, quite dead. So I prodded some people still at work to see if they were able to reboot it. "No," I was told - it'd take at least a couple of hours to fix and the support guy left was on his way home.

I came in this morning to find that the workstation was obviously still dead. I got people to prod it and sure enough it was pronounced utterly broken. The harddrive was having a hissy fit and not talking to the rest of the hardware.

So...this has meant that so far today, I've done sod all work! Hurrah! I've been mucking about doing sod all. Unfortunately this means I've not got any email - at least none that is delivered to my work address - as it's normally sent to my workstation. To get around the lack of workstation, I've ended up having to get the email delivered to another machine, so thankfully it's starting to trickle in. Hopefully I've not lost too much over the weekend.

I shall have to continue playing with my hair and reading about decorating tips.