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Shivering...hot flushes...I wish my body would make up it's mind what temperature it's going to be. Still not 100% convinced I should head up to the pub, I suspect if I go home and have a nap, I shalln't wake up though.

EDIT: Oooooh....and now the world is spinning. Around and around I go.....wheeeee!


Bit early for the menopause, isn't it? ;)

*runs away*

Um...yeah...I've not re-incarnated as a woman yet ;)

(at least not this time around)

I had spinning earlier on, I suspected it was due to an overload of caffiene. Fortuneately it didn't last long. You have my number - text / phone me for lifts (although I probably won't turn up till 8:30 - 9), although I think you should stay at home and get better.
Don't be daft. If your body temperature's messed up you're obviously ill, and the very best thing you could do is go to bed and get a long night's sleep. You do not want to be trogging to and from the pub and spending time in smoky noisy environs. Nuh-uh. And especially not sharing the plague around.

Take some paracetamol, get some rest, and get better. :p

Well as self-evident from lack of appearance at the pub, I got home, curled up under my duvet and decided duvet was much nicer than pub. Although I did miss the chance to have some food - I could have really gone for a cheese burger.

get well soon!! You were missed!