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Pub was good. Talked to people about stuff. inquis' cleavage smelt of Playdoh. Got squiffy on wine - seems to be the trend recently. Came home and spodded for a bit before doing the sleep thing.

Sleep thing involved a very confusing and odd dream. It started off with me causing havoc and rampaging about a shopping mall (I think) and then ended up with me trying to marry someone (may have been Lisa Kudrow or _aredhel) and getting lost on the way to where we were getting married. Which turned out to be some guys house who was this big scarey biker type who'd I'd been chasing me in the mall and I think was the father of who ever I was marrying. The mother of the bride/wife of the biker guy could have been Lisa Kudrow too. There was a strange incident involving eating cheese biscuits and people throwing them up a lot, a bit like in The Witches of Eastwick. And then came the actual marriage which had me and bride sitting on large cushions which for some unknown reason were across a large river, even though they were next to each other. Can't remember saying I do, so I guess I'm not hitched :)

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