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Indiana Turner and the Carpark of Doom

I had a fun day - a nice pub lunch with the gang, followed by mucking about with the new server.

Eventually I got hungry and decided to get some chinese. Since the chinese is a short skip and a jump from my new place, it made sense to have my first meal there too. On the way I got some paper plates and plastic cups as I'll need them for the party and some washing up liquid for when I get some real cutlery. Forgot the scrubbing pads though.

The new place was fine. I'd left the hall light on which was probably a good thing as I could then see the lock. I pottered about the place sorting out a few things I should have done when I was there last and then settled down to food. The silence got to me after I'd barely had the first mouthful, but thankfully after a bit of rummaging about I managed to find the powercable for the hi-fi so I plugged that in and listened to some music. Rather embaressingly I discovered a CD still in it, which has been there for years as I stopped using the hi-fi when I got the amp and the DVD player.

The food was yummy as per usual. The music was great. The flat was warm. All in all, life was good. Since I was there I figured I should unpack a few crates and bring them back, which I did. I now have 3 more empty crates to clutter up the flat.

On the way home I decided to see if there was a shortcut through the Somerfield carpark. Unfortunately I got lost and walked past the other exit. It was dark at the far side of the carpark. As I walked past the rear of Somerfield I could hear a trickle of water like someone was going for a slash. Either they had the worlds' largest bladder or it was a leaky pipe, but they were at it for ages. After walking down several dead-ends, I decided to give up and walk back. At that point I remembered that if the exit did exist it was before the Somerfield and not after it. Once I'd remember that, it was easy to find. *sigh* I was sure glad to get out of the carpark - it was very dark and scary.

I got back home just in time to see Star Wars get the number 1 spot in the 100 great films of all time on Channel 4. Thank god someone with some semblence of taste voted on it this time.